Who created youtube and why?

I need some informations about Youtube creators..
Who are they, how did they decide to create Youtube.. their pics.. and etc...
it will be very helpful for me.. thanks...

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I heard from my teacher that the technology of video sharing was actually created for porn websites

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youtube was created by three 20-something guys: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, who used to work for Paypal.

At a Silicon Valley dinner party one night in 2004 they started talking about how easy it was to share photos with your friends online but what a pain it was to do the same thing with video. That's how it began.

This is really the only picture I could find of all three of them, it's back from when they worked at Paypal.

(They recently split $650 million dollars for Youtube).

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Yep, those three did. =)

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I did

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