How can i make my youtube background like this girls in the pic?

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there should be tutorials online on how to do that

a quick google "how to customize youtube channel" (doesnt have to include my or a, google skips that) will give you great results

i would post a link but last i remember thats not allowed D:

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I do not really know how to put the image on the background, but I know how to make the little designs. It might not be perfect, but its really close. I made some edges like that by using the program Paint Dot Net. It is a paint program that has extended possibilities. I just put a mass of color and softened the color. Later I used a blur mechanism and I just used the normal brush and picked the direction of the fuzzy-like paint.

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On the website there are several tutorials on the forums. If you are going to the forums, look up "cute monster<3" in the 'creations' part of the forums. That is what I would use to make those effects.

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hmm yea right i forgot ): what is it called i can just google it myself :)

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kk thank ill try that :)

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[link removed]

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what!? lol

dude if you still want the tut
funadvice. com/r/14mcenoo5hh

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