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what was your first kiss like? was it what you thought it would be like? did you expect it to be good but it turned out terrible? or were you dreading it but it turned out to be fine?

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My first ever kiss was with a girl. But when I was 14 that was when I had my first propper kiss with a guy. It was sweet. I was with him by a pond sitting there and we were just talking and he said somin like 'I've been wanting to kiss you for such along time,do you mind?'and I was like no in a really shy way
and he has his hands on me and I had mine on him and he just kissed me. Even tho first try didn't go so well we hit noses hahaha

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mine was juring summer I was like 10 and it happened with aa fella I didnt no and still dont no and it was in a ditch but other den that it was so cool:P

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My first kiss happened about three months ago and I am still with the guy and it was amazing

we were sitting on the couch, he knew I was nervous so he asked first then simply turned my head and BAM haha!

it was different then I expected in a good way! :D I was so nervous though and it turned out to be good fun with nothing to worry about :D

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my first kiss it was great to me because I thought it was cute..
well me and my boyfriend go on the same bus and he was gettin off he got up and gave me a hug and asked me if he could have a kiss and I said not right now because there is a lot of nosey people around he said ightt...
the bus driver kept driving so he got off at my bus stop and so did a bunch of my friends..
so were all cjillin but I was so freakin nerves my mouth was gettin all dry and I just didnt know waht to expect
so my friend said to him just go up and kiss her
and so he did
he kissed me
I felt great I was so happy I wanted another one...lolzz
then he left and I went with my friends
I thought my first kiss would be more romantic - all my friends...
but I dont regret it ... I will charish that memory 4eva...
and turns out we fell in love and we've been together ever since
its been a year and four months
hope you have tha same sucess...

hope that helps..
plzz answer my question the story one
plzz &&. thank you

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