Your Fav Guy Band When You Was Young?

K a lot of teenager on this site are really into tha jonas brothers.So my question is what was your fave guy group when you was a teenager?Mine was DreamStreet.

Answer #1

im a big fan of boys to men and marky mark

Answer #2

me to, to me tha jonas brothers cant sing but hey dats me, I liked N’sync and tha backstreet boys too

Answer #3

Call me old school but I LOVED New Kids on the Block. They came out when I was around 10, but later in my teenage years it was all about Boys to Men. I still love their songs.

Answer #4

Hmm, I’d have to say the one boy band that I liked when I was younger was N’sync. But I also liked the Backstreet Boys. Haha, and sometimes I’d get those two boy bands confused :). I have to say though, I believe all the old boy bands are MUCH cooler than the Jonas Brothers. But maybe I’m just biased . . .

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