What's the youngest age you can get into college/university?

Answer #1

look it up. :) haha

Answer #2

Gee, thanks for the help…

Answer #3

haha i’m sorryy i was just kiddingg.

Answer #4

It’s alright… I guess I’m not in the mood for jokes huh?

Answer #5

ohh i’m sorry. What’s wrong?

Answer #6

Ah nothing… Must be my male period kicking in, I’m sure it’ll pass, don’t you worry :)

Answer #7

haha oh alrightt. :)

Answer #8

Anyway, how’s your day? Since you seem so interested in mine!

Answer #9

Geez. i’m mine was pretty good?

Answer #10

Flagged. Saying “Look it up” is against the ToU and will lose you points. Sorry.

Answer #11

Oh gosh, I didn’t mean that in a bad way :S Stupid sarcasm >_>

Aww sweet :3 good to know you’re having a swell day haha :D, details by any chance? O.o

Answer #12

There is no minimum age to go to college. As long as you have your high school diploma (or GED equivalent) and pass the college entrance exams, you’re in.

The youngest to graduate a US college was an 11-year-old.

Link: http://funadvice.com/r/bjdjmibvd

Answer #13

Any age. It doesn’t matter how old you are. As long as you know the information and pass the entry test, your in.

Answer #14

uhmm.. i went to the moviess with some friends! :) haa

Answer #15

I haven’t been to the movies in a while :S haha, no time for it anymore :(

Answer #16

awhh i’m sorryy.

Answer #17

Don’t need to be sorry, it’s not that tragic lol.

Answer #18

hahah well you should make time to go see a movie or somethingg.

Answer #19

With what money lol?

Answer #20

okaay well get some money then go to the movie. :) haah

Answer #21

Man… You have a solution for everything don’t you? Ha, if only it was that easy…

Answer #22

yess i suree do. :) hey if i could loan you the money i would. :) ha

Answer #23

Aww thanks, the thought is well appreciated :) I need popcorn though? O.o

Answer #24

haha your funny. :)

Answer #25

Why thank yuuu :) I think I’m gonna do stand up comedy!

Answer #26

haha you would be good at it.

Answer #27

Better not be sarcastic! O.O!

Answer #28

well… haha jk you would be. :)

Answer #29

Ah you’re so sweet! Thanks :P You could be a model but I bet you already are lol.

Answer #30

thanks. :) and that better not be sarcastic!

Answer #31

Maybe if you… Lmao, jk jk :)

Answer #32

haha geez! :)

Answer #33

Payback O.o

Answer #34

haha, :)

Answer #35

But seriously, you should totally… :O haha :P

Answer #36

i should totally… ? haha

Answer #37

That’s my sarcastic poke :P

Answer #38

hahah rightt.

Answer #39

Oh you don’t believe me? I’m offended :(

Answer #40

haha i never said i didn’t belive you.

Answer #41

Gosh, now you’re playing mind games with me!!!! >_<

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