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I'll be 16 in 4 days and I want a baby so bad... my boyfriend and I thought I was pregnant a little while ago and we were so excited... but it didn't happen... so now he's kind of trying to get me pregnant... I really want it... my brother and his wife just had their second child yesterday and they're 19 and 20... they had their first when they were 17 and 18 and I was right there to see it all... I had a lot to do with raising the first one so far too... I love them to death and I so badly want to be a mother... I know it's tough... they both dropped out of school but his wife had already dropped out before she was pregnant... I'm in my senior year of highschool and if I got pregnant right now I would still be able to finish school just fine... the only thing that I'm afraid of is my parents... they are both Christains, as am I... and they don't know that I'm having sex... I'm afraid of disappointing them... they expect me to be the one kid to actually finish school (both of my brothers dropped out) and to do life "right" (wait until marriage for sex)... so if I ended up pregnant, I would basically be crushing their dreams... now I know that they would still love me and be there for me 100% percent... I'm just afraid of their first reaction...

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*shakes head*

After reading all the questions here on teens wanting to be pregnant and seeing first hand how difficult it is for your brother and his wife, you still can't learn a lesson or two out of it?

Actually *trying* for a child right now is such a selfish thing to do. You want a baby to fill a void, and don't you understand that you really can't give the child a good start to life without sorting out your own life first?

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I have no void to fill... where are you coming up with that sh*t... I have seen how difficult it is, and I've also seen how much joy it brings... after watching my brother and helping him raise his son, I've seen what to do as well as what not to do... I've experienced first hand how to raise a baby... I've heard all of the stories and such on the bad side of having a baby so young, I even did a huge research project on it a couple years ago... I've learned a lot of lessons and such from my brother and his wife... of course I'm scared about messing something up... and I'm not saying that I just have to have a baby... I'm saying I would love to have a baby, and if it happens, I'll be more than happy... I'm not being selfish in any way... I don't want a baby so that I can feel loved or anything like that... my boyfriend makes me feel plenty loved... I want a baby because I think children are the greatest thing in the world... babies are beautiful... babies are blessings and miracles... I'll be very happy if I don't end up pregnant until after I'm married, but I will be just as happy if I end up pregnant before then... I know what I want... I know what I would have to do to be a successful mother... I know all of the difficulties about raising a baby... and I know that if I had to do it, I could be a great mother and give a baby a great life...

now I know that all of you who criticize have the best reasons at heart... but I want you to understand that I have all the best intentions and such on my side too... thank you for your opinion...

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Im 19 and out of high school about to graduat nursing school in 13 weeks.
I thnk babbis are blessing and I admire mothers no matter the age as long as there fullfiling there role. I think that some girls become graet mothers no matter the age but financial issues are totally different, I live in California and her the gov gives money to new mothers and newborn along with milk cheese juice ect... I htink the financial things comes right along with wanting to love a baby, Be sure to have a backbone and money b/c its not easy being broke alone now being broke w/ a baby good luck.
I make a decent amount of money for myseflf but not for a baby and I . I couldnt do it can u?? or do you really want to ask the Goverment /parents/friends to help yoy feed your baby?
theres plenty yo think about... im just wonering ...
but I know your intetnionsof wanting ab baby are good I can see you researched but its much more and im positive you know about having acareer before havign a child...

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Babies are a lot of work. You have to have the money and the support to give the love you want to give to your baby. I'm 17 and I want a baby but I know that I don't have the money for one and my boyfriend and I would need to go out more than we already have. Being responsible is key to being a parent, sure you could have a baby right now but the thing you would have to ask yourself is...
Do you have enough money for your entire family?
Do you have the support? don't want to be left alone with a new born to raise it by yourself

I think you should finish growing up yourself, having a baby makes you grow up and I know that some people regret it. Not the baby but not finishing being a child.

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