You know that old saying?

words have power, well I’m in aep which is like an alternative school for people that dont behave in school, and I read somethin bout virginia tech and was like “dang I want to be at school when somethin like this happens” and a couple hours later, a kid at my regular school got stabbed twice and almost died, so what do yall think, do words really have any power? because I just thought that because I like violence I didnt expect anything to happen

Answer #1

wow…why do you want someone thats innocent to get hurt?…thats not exactly right..I hope you’ve talked to someone about these thoughts

Answer #2

no I didnt want someone innocent to get hurt, I just wanted to be there when someone brings a weapon to school

Answer #3

lol well I go to Columbine High School but of course not at the time of that shooting

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