What do you think about vampires?

Answer #1

a fancy way of classifying white cannibals who sharpen their carnies.

Answer #2

what kind of vampires? twilight or normal vampires? i hate the twilight vampires because they sparkle and that would distract me

Answer #3

I love vampires, but it annoys me when silly girls freak out over them. You gotta take a step back and realize they’re fictional.

Answer #4

love em, love anne rice books but i hate how their portrayed in twiglit as being sparkly homosexuals

Answer #5

all kinds and i hate twilight

Answer #6

same i hate twilight

Answer #7

Mythical creatures which were once considered genuinely scary, but are now the laughing stock of the monster world thanks to Stephenie Meyer and her extreme pile of fail ‘Twilight’, otherwise known as ‘Necrophilia for Tweens’ :/

Answer #8

I think Vampires are pretty cool, like, obviously not Twilight, though I’ve never actually seen it but anyway… I find Vampires quite interesting. I find a lot of medieval torture and myths really interesting lol.

Answer #9

love them all :D

Answer #10

Cool people who survive with blood.

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