Yeast Infection, how to get rid of it?

Heyy I just want to know some ways to get rid of a yeast infection without going to the doctor. I heard that maybe yogurt helps… please help!!! Thank you guys!!

Answer #1

I’ve heard that wearing tampons soaked in plain yogurt will work, but who knows if it’s true? I’ve no experience with it. Other than that, you need an anti-fungal medication, which is availlable at the drugstore in the US and Canada. They have names like Monistat or Canesten. I don’t know if it’s over the counter medicine in your country.

Answer #2

Ok, well if you go to your local store, there will most likely be a pharmacy in there, just walk up there, and ask someone what you would be able to use to treat a yeast infection, they will provide and reccomend a brand to use…good luck. :]

Answer #3

umm ok all you have to do is go to wal mart and go over where the female products is and but a 1.3.or 7 treatment…but I think you shud go to the doc because it could always be somthing else

Answer #4

Dear josefina, Using yogurt on a tampon can actually spread the infection. Eating yogurt as a preventative does help however. The drug store sells many products that do work. Try to stay away from the one day treatments as they are not as good. So choose one that treats the yeast for 3 or more days. This will ensure a good result. Remember if you are sexually active it can be spread back and forth with your partner. Sue…good luck

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