How many years of experience does it take for you to be a good fighter in Mixed Martial Arts?

Answer #1

its not about the matter of years…..its more about the matter of time your willing to put to work…..

Answer #2

well Im going to put in a lot of effort and work into it, and Im not asking the exact ammount, just how much years for most people does it take?

Answer #3

Most competitions won’t even let you sign up unless u have 5 years of 30 hours or more a week in training hall. Once you entered comp. that begins your life as an mma fighter. I am or was until recently a semi pro. Its hard work staying within their fairly strict weight limit.

Answer #4

Well I went to elementary and Junior high school with a guy who just got into the UFC. He has been doing martial arts for as long as I’ve known him. He got into MMA when he was either in high school or Jr high. He’s been fighting for years and it seems as though his hard work has paid off. His first fight is on October 1st so everyone is super excited for him.

Answer #5

usually it takes about 2 years……..some take up to 5 years…….but with the effort your willing to put……..anything is possible…

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