How many years do I have to go to college for art?


Answer #1

What kind of art? There are several different variants.

Answer #2

Drawing and painting, but mainly drawing.

Answer #3

I know artists who never finished college. Clients checked their portfolio rather than their diploma and were more concerned with the quality of their art than what classes they took.

It is bloody difficult to make a decent living doing commercial art and even harder doing fine art. Having a degree makes it easier to get a job teaching at art schools or as a creative director. A degree opens up some doors in art other than being an artist.

Answer #4

My mother had a table waiting degree… um I mean Fine Arts Degree, and it was a 4 year degree at Montana State University.

Answer #5

Ohhh kay sweet

Answer #6

Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you so much

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