YAZ birth control-Is it good? or bad?

I’ve been looking into the YAZ birth contorl,to get rid of my moodiness and fatigue during my period,along with the prevention of pregnancy. Is anyone on it? How is it?

And also,Do I hafta be a certain age,or have certain requirements to take it? Or can I go to the doctor,and tell them I want it,and they’ll prescribe it?

Answer #1

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  Just discuss it and alternatives with your doctor. He/she will be able to prescribe the best thing for you, your needs and your age.

Answer #2

tell the doc, they’ll give you what they think is best for your condition and age, my friend is on yaz… but she took it from her mom, but shes much less bi*y on her periods, and she hasnt gotten pregnant yet.

Answer #3

my friend took that for a while, then she ran out.. I guess it was good.. she never had any problems with it.

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