Yay for boy problems

So I have a guy I like.. I’ve had a thing for him for 3 years now. Sometimes we seem like we’re a couple. He buys me dinner when we hang out and we talk on the phone for hours. However, we used to hang out all of the time but now I’m feeling a lot more than just friends… and it sucks. I have feelings for him but I don’t know what I want to do about it. I am waay to chicken to tell him how I feel. so that’s out. So what do I do to get him to like me or get over him!?!

Answer #1

it might be hard to tell him but you can risk loseing him as a friend as well but if you get a mate of your to see how he fells about you go from there on wards k

I hope this helps

Answer #2

Even though it may be hard to come out, it is important to let him know how you feel, or else you will be miserable and he will think you don’t like him!

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