Is Yakima,Washington within the u.s?

Answer #1

Yes , Washington is one of the states in the Us my late cousin was from there

Answer #2

You live in the U.S and you don’t know basic geography on the subject? This is why people think Americans are stupid.

Answer #3

OH, Gabby- I so MUCH agree with your comment…

Regards, M.

Answer #4

There is no reason to be rude. You could have at least answered her question.

Answer #5

Yes it is.

Answer #6

Haha thanks Michel. And chartreusechick, I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was expressing my opinion. That IS what this site is about isn’t it?

Answer #7

Actually this site is about asking questions and having people answer them without being demeaning, insulting, and making them feel stupid. Perhaps you should read the terms of use under the heading “Acceptable Answers”.

Answer #8

I agree with Chartreusechick, that is absolutely correct.

Answer #9

It doesn’t say not to express your opinion. Calm your farm.

Answer #10

arent you white yourself????? Maybe that’s why they think Americans are stupid…

Answer #11

Yes i’m white. But i’m not American. XD

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