Yahoo weather

My mom and sometimes me go on Yahoo! to get our weather,but the crazy thing is it most of the time never comes true,should I just stop looking at their system period,or am I not looking at it right?

Answer #1

ANY website can be wrong at times.

I suggest you just type in your zipcode & weather like this for example.

877873 weather.

On Google.

Answer #2

Don’t get your weather online; get a NOAA weather radio. The weather thingys on Yahoo,, Google, and the weather channel/ the weather (and almost anything else) give a very generic description for a particular area. Let’s say that maybe they go by county. If you type in the zipcodes for bordering towns on any of these sources, you’ll get the same readout. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Answer #3

Go to It’s the best in my book. Google is good too.

Answer #4

Make sure it has your location listed properly.

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