Who uses instant messengers?

who uses them?

Answer #1

I’m 30, and I have Google Talk & Yahoo Messenger running on my desktop as I type this…but then I use it to communicate with clients for my consulting business. Also, if you live in Silicon Valley, it’s an anomaly if you don’t use it, at any age.

Answer #2

I’m 42 years old and would say mostly teenagers because my 17 year old is on messenger a lot with her friends.

Answer #3

Add me as a friend here. The only thing I use IM anymore is for work, and I’m on the computer, I’m on FunAdvice. :)

Answer #4

I doo

Answer #5

I use AIM at least.

Answer #6

hey “thedude” may I add ya to my yahoo? also thanks for the replies

Answer #7

I do! lol I think heaps of people do. Both of my brothers use it also and all my friends.

Answer #8

I do.

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