Y is life so complicated

Y do people judge people if their gay, lesbain or bi?? Its stupid. I want a girl I can do stuff on the side. I have boyfriend and he knows I want this. He wants 3sum but dont know if any of our friends are up for it. Ugh..

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Wow. Its a sin really and most people just dont want to live that way knowing it isnt right.. You could be diken and get in a car accident with your girl just say you didnt make it.. Okay your going to hell you didnt ask for forgiveness because it all happened so fast. What im tryn to say is I do not have a problem with people being with the same sex but I will not do it... Life is complicated but this is a situation that doesnt even have to be dealt with your just making it like that.

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I am bi but I dont get why people are stupid bout it!

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I think its stuuppid and immature!!
not your question btw but being like disgusted with bi's and lezzy's and gays!!
Ugh its soo annoyinh ...

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im all for gays and that. but maybe its because if everyone was lesbian and gay in the world, the human race would stop because they cant make babies. so if you wanna mix gender, id go bi...

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I dont know how to deal with it tho!!! :(

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Thanks for taking my advice I hope you find the answer that wil help :)

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Try asking a question on here for all the bi people and ask them Im pretty sure you will get a good answer that will help you out

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Ok well you really should have made that more clear in your question.. But maybe you just need to find friends that are like you.. Thats just what comes with that type of lifestyle. People will act different, some want accept you and the ones that will will talk about you. You just have to deal with it.

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it is not a put down I have friends doing the same thing but you cant say life is so complicated when your doing things that doesnt even have to be done..

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its complicated because people put me down and shy away from me. people who used to be my friends. and not a lot of people know im bi! its hard. this doesnt have to be done buts its the type of person I am so im following it...

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how am I making it that way. its the type of person I am. I like girls and guys! its not a bad thing. ok fine it is a sin but get used to it. everyone around you might be a "dike" or bi like me! so get used to it hunny! its kinda stupid how your giving me a put down of who I am!!!

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If you are an opened minded person it will being a dike bi etc is a sin okay.. And life is complicated but your making it that way because you dats something you dont have to do thats something you just want to do honey

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how the hell does that make any sense!!!

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