ok so I have 4 months till I go to high school an want to be 30 pounds less. can you tell somthings I can do at home that are good for me to do. and dont say things about eatin because I saw my nutrisionist she alredy told me what to eat.. and also what good exerziz should I do to loose fat in the thighs!!!

Answer #1

There is no way to “target” certain areas. When you lose weight, it comes off all over, not in just one place.

Running is really good. Go for runs in your neighborhood. Listen to your ipod while you run, and make a playlist specifically for running (fast paced/upbeat songs that will help you keep your speed).

If you have Comcast On Demand, they have exercise videos on there you can watch.

Swimming is also good.

If you have a gym membership (your parents will have to accompany you), using an elliptical is great exercise.

Make sure you drink a LOT of water. It flushes out toxins that build up in you and helps you lose weight faster.

Also to get rid of the built up toxins (which cause more fat to store) use a sauna.

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