What equipment is required for xbox live?

what type of equipment(sp) do you need to play xbox live?

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you need a ethernet cable
when you have that you need to connect it to the router and the xbox
then you need to put the physical adress in where it says mac adress
test the xbox live then it should work
I have madem
it depends what kind of cable you have

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u need to get an xbox live card...u can get em anywhere they sell xbox then just hook up the xbox to the net and follow tha directions as to how to set up your acct

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I believe you need an Xbox (obviously) and an internet connection. I'm sure others will know more.

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its just a plane X-box

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ya I got those thing but I heard you need some type of wire and a card thing that has a pin # on it and you got to use those..im nto sure so im asking

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