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Xbox 360 Repair

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I'm considering sending in my Xbox 360 console to Microsoft for repairs now.
I'm asking if I have to pay the $120 (or however many so) dollar bill if I've submitted my repair order request on Xbox Service Website a few hours before the year-long warranty expired. It expired "after" I submitted the request, so is Microsoft going to take it that I submitted it before my warranty expired and not charge me for repairs, or are they going to take the date of today ( Warranty expired like a month ago. ) and say that it's past the warranty, and charge me?

If you don't understand what I'm asking, I'm asking if Microsoft Repair Center charges ( or not charge ) you based on the date they received my console, or the date that you've submitted an online request form.

( If you've been in this situation before, say that too for positive reinforcement. ) =]