Xbox 360 arcade game

I got a xbox 360 and I want to download a good arcade game. I have 1600 point but I dont know what arcade game to download.

Answer #1

Don’t use it on an arcade game. Please. They give you about 10 minutes of mindless adrenaline, and after that it goes to a complete buzz kill and it gathers dust on your hard drive. Buy an Xbox original. They’re the whole game, with the side effect of some texture malfunction’s (witch I’ve never encountered.) and they’ll provide about 10 days of solid occupation. I’d consider GTA: Sa due to it’s amazing storyline. But thats is if you consider my Choice.

Answer #2

super street fighter 2 turbo hd remix, its really really really good

Answer #3

go to available game down loads and select the game and acsept to have it as a trial once you have a trial it should ask if you want to buy full game… make sure your opints are on

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