Did they lower the price of the Xbox 360 by $50?

Did they lower the price of the 360 by $50? I’m trying to figure that out so I might be able to get one.

Answer #1

well in my opinion I really dident see it because probably my mom never fuggin lete ME but o-well…and it sucks I wish I could buy it for 50 bucks thats awsome most of forgot the 3 outa 350 stupid comps like dells,acers,and other crapy comps mess up a lot now me I use a laptop and its great but wireless net SUCK LIKE RACE HORSE BALLS ON A MONKEY.

Answer #2

I read that in the news, but I haven’t shopped around for one, so I don’t know if it’s hit the retail shelves yet.

However…have you seen the many trailers for Lair? If it really comes out in September (along with Heavenly Sword) then I think the PS3 will finally be the far, far better buy. It doesn’t have as many games, but the graphics engine is awesome.

Answer #3

yup they did i saw one in walmart for 50 bucks less than the usual price

Answer #4

umm… the ps3 is a bad buy for normal users, if you’re amazingly rich, then go ahead and get it. but for average joes, its too much money for not enough system, for the graphics engine isn’t that great, it’s nice and crispy but thats about it.

yes it is true, premium xbox 360’s are $350. but sadly the core xbox 360 system only dropped $20, it is $279.99.

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