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how can i get a job as wrestler or diva?or do i have to train some where first?

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Usually you start out small. Find out if your area has any wrestling shows local, like XCW or anything. They'll train you and there are always scouts in matches and such that will move you up to WWE if they want you. A diva I'm guessing are just fitness models who've auditioned for the roles.

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you have to train!
it's really hard to get into a business like that.
before you even go up to the main shows,you have to go to ovw or dsw or something like that.
development territory.
it will be really hard but follow your dreams.

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maybe u cn start workin out urself n lemme knw...n i wil col mc mahon to sign u up as a diva
i dont really actually knw...but i wud also like to knw the answer to ur question

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http://www.wwe.com/tryout or go to {http://www.wwe.com } see search for tryout

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