Wud you get wet if a boy feels yer boobs?

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Well, do you mean if a guy answer this?

Here it goes...
As said abov', it depends who the guys is, but let's not get into this right now.

Depending on the way the girl get touched (if the guy knows how to do it right), yes, she can get wet (aka: horny).
My girlfriend loves when I touch and kiss her breasts :]

Some girls really don't feel anything, when touched in the boobs, some does.

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Its just sort of like, "erm, are you quite done?"
Boy have a huge fasination with breasts... but it does nothing for us.

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Depends on who the guy is...if it's some random guy that thinks it's funny to grab a girls boob then no, she won't get wet. But if it's a girls boyfriend and the "boob grabbing" is part of foreplay then yes it will help her to get aroused.

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Yes, It happens with some girls, its a sign of sexual arousal and its VERY normal. Its one of your sex triggers and a way for your body to prepare for sex. Enjoy it! Jeff TBP

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No, girls don't get wet when guys feel their boobs. It's never happened with me anyways, but I suppose it could be possible if she gets TOO excited.

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I do a bit. My boyfriend rubs his fingers around them and I get a little wet.

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again if it is your boyfriend/partner then depending on how relaxed you are then it probably will dont worry if it doesnt happen

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