What kind of tea is Wu-Yi tea?

What kind of tea is Wu-Yi tea?

Answer #1

This is a very good oolong tea with very plesant fragrance and sweetness, It is especially good for the people new to green tea and not quite used to the pungent grassy taste of green tea. The tea is amber color, with a very nice taste and delicious sweet aftertaste.

Oolong tea is very helpful in digestion. It is widely drunk in Fujian China, and Japan. And it becomes more and more popular all around the China. Oolong has so many different other names: Wu-Lung, Wu-long. It is really the same thing, just different pronunciation from different parts of China (Mandarin, Taiwanese, or Cantonese).

Answer #2


Wu-Yi tea is another name for Wu-Long or Oolong tea.

You can check out this thread for some information about it:


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