Can cum cause pregnancy

I looked at a question That said Cum can cause pregnancy, is that true???!!! I thought only Sperm could cause pregnancy!!! I swallowed a little of my boyfriends cum today and need reassurance I'm safe!!! *Becomes nervous*

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Swallowing cum is the best way NOT to get pregnant!!!

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***I'ts really sad.=[ ***

More like just plain SCARY...

ps...since you have internet...go research on the subject of sex BEFORE actually being as stupid as to do it without knowing anything.

Can cum cause pregnancy?

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Thanks guys!!! *Chills down and takes deep breath.*
Oh, and captainassasin ,They don't teach sex-ed where I go to school, I'ts really sad.=[
If we don't look this stuff up on the internet we don't know sh*t!

are they the same?
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***I'ts really sad.=[ ***


I guess, they came to the conclusion that sex-ed would encourage young people to make mistakes, instead of learning how to avoid them?

Can you get pregnant from pre-cum?

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like half of th US states dont require roadrunner new page just had an artiel one it lol..

Can precum cause pregnancy?
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You can't get pregnant from swallowing cum. But cum does cause pregnancy because sperm is in cum. Cum is semen and sperm. But for sperm to impregnate you it needs to be near your vagina. If you didn't know these basics then you shouldn't be doing anything sexual. PS. you can get STD's (sexual transmitted diseases) from unprotected oral sex.

Can a woman get pregant with pre-ejaculate ?

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woah,chill hun.
okay. cum HASS sperm in it.
and,like sperm,you can only gett pregnant if it goes is/on your vagina.
chilll outtt. you're fine.
there's nooo way you can get pregnant from swallowing.

Will this stop pregnancy?
ANSWER #8 of 11 cum is sperm as many told you but you wont get pregnant if you swallow sperm!!! you are okay!!! =]

No condom but no cum?

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*shakes head*

What ever happened to sex-ed? -__-

Can this get me pregnant?
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Nothing you swallow can make you pregnant, impossible.

Without ejaculate into body will cause pregnancy?
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lol cum is sperm but it has to go into the vagina to get you preggers. your fine

Who do all guys have pre cum?