Is it wrong for me to not have sex with my boyfriend of 11 months?

Answer #1

Of course not. It’s not wrong to not have had sex with a boyfriend of two years. Some don’t until they are married. Engage in intercourse when you feel ready to.

Answer #2

But I’m only 13 and I would feel kind of guilty about it!

Answer #3

its only wrong if your not ready…

Answer #4

Feel guilty about what? And really, sex at 13 is not at all a good idea. Please don’t make hasty decisions.

Answer #5

OMFG, you are 13 years old for pete’s sake…find something more creative to do with yourselves… you both must have nothing better to do then discuss sex at your age…

Have you thought about a hobby? maybe a dance class..or anything else that might interest you???

what about some community help? like kids that are less fortunate that might need a lending hand!?

maybe you both need to spend some time helping others so you occupy your time with more positive things. Try an animal shelter or a hospital…just leave sex out of the equation!

Answer #6

No its not wrong a person should never do anything they do not want to. But if your not a virgin and your just making him wait he should at least be given a reason why so he does not feel as if he’s the reason why. I mean obviously if he is a great guy he should atleast get that right?

Answer #7

Of course it’s not wrong! If you aren’t ready then you aren’t ready. You should only have sex when YOU want to, so don’t let guys guilt you into it. >.> Plus, your profile says that you’re ‘over 13’, so if I were you I would wait a little longer. Don’t even think about having sex right now, just have fun being a kid! There’s plenty of time for things like that later.

Answer #8

No way! U have sex when u feel ready. And if he doesn’t appreciate that then he is not for u. Ifbhe loves u he will indersatand

Answer #9

it’s not wrong what so ever. If you want to, like absolutely want to then go ahaed its your life but if you’re being pressured or anything of that matter then no. If you’re stressing out and asking if its wrong to have sex then maybe you shouldn’t do it even if you have been with your bf for so long. Wait it out a bit more.

Answer #10

It definitely is not wrong, and at 13 you are really young still, and that boyfriend, well, most likely will not last. And at 13, yes maybe your friends have had sex, but really, you are really really really young, a lot of it is still hormones, it would be best if you wait it out. If you are feeling bad about it, there definitely is some sort of pressure put on you whether you are conscious of it or not, and that is never good. Have sex when you find someone meaningful, someone you care about and cares about you, have sex with someone you love and someone who loves you, this is something you cant ever get back. I’m 17, me and my boyfriend have been dating for several years and still have not had sex, yes he wants, yes i do want too, but i do not feel ready yet and he respects that . Wait for someone who is going to respect you and not put pressure on you. Many girls do regret giving their virginity to the guys they did further down the road, be smart with your choice, there is no time that you should have sex, there is nothing that says because you dated for ___time you should have sex. Sex is something special shared with two people, be smart, don’t do something you will regret later on. Best of luck.

Answer #11

No…it not wrong….but it is wrong for a BF to pressure you into it. At 13 you’re not ready to face the consequences of a pregnancy or a STD….not to mention the constant stress of fearing that you might be pregnant.

And then, there is the guilt that you mentioned….to thine own self be true….you wait until YOU are ready…you’ll like yourself for waiting.

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Answer #14

No, I dated my boyfriend two years before we had sex, there is NO rule that says when you have to have s3x with someone. If you are unsure DO NOT do it, you shouldn’t have ANY pressure on you when making a decision like that.

If the guy you are dating really cares about you he will wait until you are ready and until you both can take responsibility for your actions.

Answer #15

While I don’t think you should be pressured into having sex by a long shot, after being with him for that long you might have to at least give him an occasional hand job unless he has no interest in sexual things at all.

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