what is wrong with my perspective on life?

Answer #1

Youd have to say more than that for someone to answer you….as in what is yur perspective on life.

Answer #2

my perspective on life isent rely bad its just that i dont care there is no reason on this world for any of us to be her all the goals we ever acomplish just get ripped away from us and after all the work or agoney we go throw to get this far we just die and lose it all my life is slowly withering away day by day untill nothing is left my real qweshtin is why do you think were here because i just feel like knowing

Answer #3

Yes then, your looking at life the wrong way. Of course we all have the same outcome and cease to exist. Why focus on that. Life is an experience and what you make out of it. Love to me is completely worth it…the love of my family, the love of my life that im about to marry, the love of my son. Maybe you need to sit back and think about what makes life worth living…it might change your attitude.

Answer #4

what is tho i dont love my family or friends my girl friend i love but im being riped away from her my grades in school have droped and my behavior is worse because i dont care any more

Answer #5

It’s not the destination…it’s the journey. You’re not having fun on the the journey, because you’re focused on the destination. It’s good to have plans..but in life you can never “plan the outcome”…see where I’m going on this?

The journey being the day to day and living that day to your best ability…tomorrow will be here soon enough.

You’re hurting about your girlfriend, but why self destruct at the age of 14, theres SO much out there still to do!!

Answer #6

I wish I believed there was a greater meaning in life. I dont think there is. But why does there have to be? Why cant life simply be, just because. And you enjoy it in the meanwhile. Which kinda sucks if you’re not enjoying it as you go along. I’m not entirely sure how to make you feel better about that. I have yet to be glad I am alive. But I think the idea is to kinda hold onto hope. Hope that things will get better. The majority of people seem to enjoy being alive. Lets assume they’re not all delusional idiots (I know, you’re a teenager, it kinda comes along with believing that you must have a greater truth than others, but allow yourself the thought for a moment), maybe other people are alive not because they’re scared of death but because there’s really something they like about being alive. And perhaps one day you can experience it too? Either way, you’ve got one life to live. Might as well hold onto the hope. And do what you can to get yourself there. Because, what else are you going to do? I mean, I suppose, you could believe life sucks, and there’s no point to it all, so why try. But then what have you got left? Might as well try to get to where most people seem to be. And you might want to talk to your school counselor while you’re at it. You sound a little depressed.

Answer #7

Oh, and I hope you feel better! Soon.

Coming from a cognitive behavioral point of view, I know thoughts and behaviors are usually what’s connected to the feelings, but I’ve still always valued feelings more than the rest of it (I think because my feelings tend to spin out of control so often).

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