Is it wrong to be in highschool and still not have had your first kiss? :(

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Not at all :) theres no right or wrong age to have your first kiss :) just whenever your ready.

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It's Not Wronqq , Youhh Jst Dnt Have Any Experiance In Kissinqq && Youu Javent Had Your 1st Kiss .

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no, of course not
being in highschool does not autimatically mean you MUST go out and kiss boys or have sex or anything. whatever you do you choose when to do it, its completely up to you. it could happen now, it could happen next year, in 5 years, who knows. but just because yourn in highschool does not mean you should have already done it

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Nah, take your time. You should kiss someone that you like, and if you haven't found that person yet, no rush. I haven't found that person either.

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No way, wait for the right person to do anything, first kiss, virginity. There is never a time you should, Just wait for tha person and share with that person, and you will have no regrets. Trust me, I know from experience.

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Nothing wrong at all not everything is as it seems like in the movies some get their first car earlier than others some
get jobs, some go through puberty later than others everything is not what is seems you get your first kiss whenever unless you make the first move hehe

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I don't think so. (: I'm in high school (15 years old!!) and I still haven't had my first kiss. In fact, lots of people think it's cute that I haven't had my first kiss yet.

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absolutely not :] I don't like how high school can sometimes make people feel peer pressured to do something or influence them to think another way. You may have your first kiss on your own term, whenever your ready and that goes for anything else :D

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nope. i know from experience. there have been a lot of times i wish someone wouldve kissed me, but after a while im glad they didnt. im in high school, and i still have virgin lips. thats more than i can say for a lot of people, and i know some of them regret their own first kisses. so the answer is no. absolutely not. ;)

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No its fine. I didn't have my first kiss until I was in my second year of high school. My best friend didn't have hers until she was in her second or third year of college! Her first kiss is now her husband. She does ask me though if that makes her a loser and I always tell her no, its very sweet!

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Not at all! The kiss will come when the moment and person are right. Don't rush! :D

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Not really, like stated first

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nope....i kissed my boyfriend the other day for the first time since we have been dating...ive kissed other boys but this was his first kiss and we are freshman in high school..and he said he waited all this time to kiss a girl because i was the girl he wanted to kiss

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- Nooooo...
Dere iss nuthin rong witt nott havin a 1st kiss ndd ur in highskewll becuz sum ppl aree outt of highskewll ndd still havent had dere 1st kiss or even had sex yett so dntt feel badd itz perfectly normal
I hope i was helpful = ]]

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not at all :D everyone does what they want, when they're READY it doesn't matter how old you are xx

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