Why do my breasts all of a sudden itch and hurt?

All of a sudden my breast hurt like hell&itch like hell is there something wrong w/me?

Answer #1

It might be your bra or something. Also if your sweating a lot, that has to do with it too. Just make sure you stay clean and change your clothes regularly, it should go away. But try some lotion with aloe, or moisturizer, to get rid of the redness for now.

Answer #2

It could be that your boobs are growing when mine hurt my mom says it because they are growing if that’s any help :)

Answer #3

I fink its natural I no it happened to me and am only 15 and dere seems to be skin pealing off around de nipple,,u have to change your bra daily and stay clean if it still hurts and itches den you must tell an expert.

hope dis helped xx

Answer #4

Lol no its natural…it should fade in acouple days…if it doesn’t…u may wanna go see your doc make sure theres nothing wrong…but your probably fine =)

Answer #5

It could be that they are growing. It could also be because you are getting close to starting your period. Your body is releasing hormones and that is what is causing the discomfort.

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