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How would I write a letter of petition to my school to drop two of my marks (more)?

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In a nutshell, I did horribly in two of my courses and I was not able to drop them in time for the drop-date deadline. So now, those two courses will be in my transcript and effecting my overal GPA and my major GPA. I found out that I could write a petition to get these two courses erased from my transcripts. From my school website it says that the petition letter should include:

"Circumstances or grounds for the petition: explain in detail all the circumstances and problems which prompted your petition request. If you are requesting to drop some but not all of your courses in a term or session, explain your selectivity."

How do I go about writing this? How do I begin writing this? What format? First person? Third person? How do I make this sound formal? What should I start talking about?