What should I write "about myself" when I'm filling out a college application?

Please help Thank you :)

Answer #1

Well your hobbies and what your home life and personality is like(:?

Answer #2

You are a unique person, no one on this earth has your combination of personality and environmental upbringing. So what makes you unique, what makes you who you are. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, what is special about you, what type of person are you, what do you care about, what is it like growing up wherever you grew up, what was it like being in your school.

Here’s some more stuff http://funadvice.com/r/14ovmet576i

Answer #3

they have a thousand people applying for college, and u are one of them, why would they pick you? what makes u special in a good way? write all those kinds of things, and think that other people are gonna write similar stuff so be sure to be as special as u need to be, and good luck

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