Who are the best wrestlers of wwe and smack down history which you guys like?

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i watch wrestling all the time my favourites are

randy orton
bobby lashley
matt hardy

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Oldies, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eddie Guerrero forever. After he died, I never really watched anymore.

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bill goldberg .....that dude was my favorite when i was like 10....

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and i love the undertaker,christian,randy orton

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thanks to every one who have responded

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oh i like Chris Benoit

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I still watch wrestling even though its fake. My all time favorite from greatest to least: X-Pac, The Hardy's, Edge, The Rock, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Gangrel, John Morrison, R-Truth, JTG

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i agree with you.in the past,they were wrestling like real man,but now,as you said its all fake.thank you friend

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every since they made it pg, it lost a little bit of interest....but they still have good storylines.

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yeah.but remember the time of john cena,the rock and steve ostin.and fight between kane and the undertaker.man that was real

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i know!!! even the divas made it seem real! that day when michelle mccool and layla stuffed cake in mickie james face. and she "cried". now that seemed so real.

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Lita was my absolute favorite. I mean being 12 during her prime she was HOT! (Thing for redheads I guess). But other then that you got the basics Shawn Micheals, Brent Heart, Kane, Undertaker, Chyna (her autobiography is really good), Mankind, Goldburg, Stone Cold, X-Pac, The Hardy's, Christan and Edge, Triple-H, and a lot more that I can't think of..

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the rock, stone cold steve austin, grandmaster sexay, scotty too hotty, the hardy boys, the dudley boys, diamond dallas paige, rob van dam, scott hall, kevin nash, scott steiner, trish stratus, lita

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