Would you rather

Would you rather have a lot of friends but have enemies, or would you rather have few friends but no enemies?

And would you rather be known as an obnoxious annoying girl but have a lot of friends but be known as the quiet girl and have only a few friends?

Answer #1

a few friends and no enemies. a few friends is more than I have already.

and the quiet girl, I suppose.

Answer #2

Id rather not be either girl… Im a guy lol but I fit quiet and only few friends a bit more. Id rather have few friends, no enemies but I have many friends plus a few enemies.

Answer #3

few friends, no enemies and the quiet girl with few friends=)

Answer #4

id love to be the quiet girl :]

Answer #5

few friends, no enemies quiet girl

Answer #6

few frendz no enemies. quiet girl few frends. I dont want or have a lot of people that I call frends, b/c most people are phony

Answer #7

uuummm few friends no enemies and obnoxious I cant be quiet lmao :D

Answer #8

few friends, no enemies quiet girl, few friends. (That’s practically how I am now.)

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