Would You Break up with Him During the Holiday

Would You Break up with Him During the Holidays – or Would You Wait?

Answer #1

I know breaking up with someone is like really hard and stuff, and if your in the situation that I’ve been in before, you want the relationship OVER!! Honestly, you need to wait, because during the holidays, any holiday acctually, everyone is happy. I mean EVERYONE.

So, really, I’d wait. :)

Answer #2

I broke up with someone on Valentines day once and I still feel bad - I think you should wait. I got told I was really low, and I admit, it was low.

Answer #3

I would personally not do it, although I don’t advise people to stay with people when they don’t want to. My reason for this is because though you may not want to be with them anymore, breaking up would sort-of ruin both of your holidays. That said, I’d wait.

If there was something huge and you need out, though, I’d say do what’s best for you.

Answer #4

yeaah wait. it might ruin your holidays. that wouldn’t be good.

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