Would you be offended if ...

someone told you this, Even if they were only joking? You ask them what there doing and they answer. “Talking to this girl who has down syndrome.” -(you say) [[haha for the last time I dont have down syndrome if thats me your talking about =P]] “If you dont have down syndrome then explain YOUR FACE”

Answer #1

Yeah that’s kind of dumb, considering he’s your boyfriend. Whatever happened to “hey sweetie pie what’s up?!”

Answer #2

lol, I just told him What about my FACE? and then he said I don’t know. lol

Answer #3

Well were boyfriend and girlfriend. :)


Answer #4

I would kick his butt. Then laugh and say you just got your buttkicked by someone with down syndrome.

Answer #5

depends if your really good friends with them or not and if they were peronaly maning it be rude or funny

Answer #6

Well, I know its in a funny way.

Answer #7

yeaa,thats just not right.

Answer #8

Depends on the intent meant.

Answer #9

I wouldn’t be offended at all

Answer #10

Totally inappropriate, any way you look at it!! Demeaning to you and those with DS!!

He needs to get a life.

Answer #11

lol I guess if you are close enough friends that they know you are joking then its ok. Or if you say it with a little chuckle then yah I would say that its fine. Hope that helped. “then explain your face” wow thats funny XD lol

Answer #12

Well, I know he’s only joking & I no that for sure. but I dont wanna dumb him, because I know he’s only joking about it. And I really like him. And he’s always like you know Im just kidding right & then Im like yeah, and then he said it doesnt bother you does it? and I said sometimes.

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