Would my boobs become normal if I do this?

My boobs are really low!!! Its because when I got a real first bra it was when I was 13 and was a size c34. I still am both those things but im so mad that my boobs are low! And I dont know what to do!! So I was wondering if you thought that if I wore a push up bra every day starting now if it would work? When I say work I mean be upright instead of very low. Oh except I wont wear it when I go to sleep. Would that work?

Answer #1

How your boobs hang is mostly genetic. You can’t change that and some guys like it. Anyway, you can use pushup bras or other ones that flatter your figure, but when you take them off, they’ll still go where they want to go. Make sure to do some upper body weight lifting, it can’t hurt.

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