Would any guy be attracted to this kind of girl!?

A girl who’s a pro at writing poetry Very shy [when meeting new people] Corrects spelling mistakes Social outcast Says what she thinks Has a small group of friends A few seconds of experience with boys Would rather read books Than go to a house party Counts down the days till school starts Loves to learn just for personal knowledge Would any guy ever be attracted to this kind of girl!?

Answer #1

Oh yeah. Lots of guys are attracted to girls like that.

Answer #2

im sorta like you but I only lk foward to school for my friends I dont write poetry and I’d rather go on my ps3 then to a house party lol and I have had 3 guys like me one of which I have known for 4 years and has only just moved on yeah as long as your great to be around and your friends like you theres bound to be someone that likes u

Answer #3

the naughty librarian type? hell ya ;p

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