Would a girl like if a guy jacked off to her and nothing else?

So my girlfriend asked me if I've ever jacked off before and I said yes because I never want to lie to her..she means a lot and even thought I didnt want to tell her..I did..and she asked me if I watched porn and I dont and I think she might be wondering what I jack off to...so if she asks should I tell her that I jack off to her..or should I kinda twist the truth so shes not like disgusted or something...

I guess Im just wondering if that would be weird for her to know that I jack off to her..

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I dunno about this one bud
depends on the girl
probly if shes outgoing, shell be cool with it, but if shes like, a prep or omethin
she will probly overthink it, take it out of hand.. with this in mind...
your call

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I think that if she asks what you think of when you do it, and the truth is that it's her, you should definitely tell her.
if she's okay with the idea that you do it anyway, she most likely will NOT be weirded out. My guess is that she will be flattered. Because that means that she is the only one for you... I know I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend admitted to jacking off to anyone other than me.

so if she asks, tell her the truth.

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its not weird I heard sumwat of 98% of guys do it. when my boyfriend told me he does it I was turned on ;)

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I like it that my boyfriend jacks off..I think its sexy :) but id probably burst into tears if I found out he was jacking off to anyone but me :(

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I think its hott my boyfriend said he does

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She'll probably find it cool, I was realy turned on when I found out my boyfriend jacked off over me :)

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if my boyfriend told me that he jacked off to me, I'd be soo turned on and feel sexy
if she's asking you about jacking off, then yeah I think its ok to tell her that you jack off to her.

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Well, if you really do, you should tell her.
Plus, I thought it was pretty hot when my boyfriend told me that he quit watching porn when we started dating &+ started jacking off to me.

Also, jacking off to something else besides your girlfriend can also make her feel usless, not good enough for you, like you dont like her body, her body isnt sexy enough for you. just bad.

if you have to prove it to her, just ask her for some sexy pictures of her.

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I asked my boyfriend and he said he used to jack off after our dates, when we didnt do stuff, now sometimes he jacks off infront of me. I sit and watch til he cums. its hott.

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I think you should tell her yes I do jack off and I jak off to you thinking ofu why boyfriend jacks off all thetimeand h dosent watch porn well he can he trys to ge some but he cant but he jacks off to the thought of me on him

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Hi I'm a 27 year old female. It's a great turn on for my boyfriend to jack off while watching me masterbate or jacking off as I dance for him. It would'nt bother me if he masterbated while watching porn, hey it's only imagination. I think a man should masterbate to anything he wants to, make it fun and role play. Ask her to act like her friend. Only if she's open to being freaky, it makes sex very hot!

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depends on the gurrl

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Yes. All girls take it as a real compliment when you tell them that you think only of her when you jack-off. You should ask her to jack you off so it imprints on your mind and you think of her when you jack-off alone.

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