Ever feel you're the girl that boys love to grab and take advantage

Do you ever feel you’re the girl that boys love to grab and take advantage of? And you let them because you feel it’s the only place you belong because when you try to apply yourself in a serious, committed relationship, all that results is a break up? You then let yourself be used by all these boys that don’t really care for you, but you see past that and hope they do. And you begin to care for them, just a tiny bit, but enough to feel a pang of jealousy when he finds a girl he actually can enjoy physically and loves her personality. I hate feeling this way. Has anyone else felt this?

Answer #1

yeah. :[

Answer #2

We’ve all felt that at some point. It sucks, but you have to stay strong. You know they’re using you, and you’re setting yourself up for heartache. Don’t worry, the right person will come along someday. :)

Answer #3

stop letting them use you and have some dignity.

you alone are allowing yourself to be heartbroken.

stop dating boys that you know are using you.

Answer #4

you shouldnt feel worthless boys are just homo’s, they do things because they think that they can if you let them why wouldnt they take advantage of you? you just have to respect yourself and stop looking so hard for love. it will come along when you stop expecting it to. wait it out and it will be worthwhile. x

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