what is the worst part of being a teenager?

Answer #1

Not knowing who your suppose to be :(

Answer #2

The worst part has to be that it lasts 7 years.

Answer #3

im guessing that it only last a while then…. its gone!=(

Answer #4

ACNE!!!!! UGH!

Answer #5

seeing things, the world & everything/one in it through naive eyes then waking up one morning & finding out it was all a huge lie while getting your heart smashed and having doubts just about everything!

Answer #6

Growing up. “I spent my entire childhood wishing that I was older. Now i’m older and this sh*t sucks.”

Answer #7

wow, you are 15 & already saying that with no bills to pay & no babies to feed!? what would you do/say if life was really more intense…afraid to find out…:(

Answer #8

I am too. I want to stay young forever.

Answer #9

But you know what, I really actually think things will get better:] I feel like it’s the enviroment I’m in right now. So much negativity and no support.

Answer #10

dont we all…there is a way to do that if you are young at heart…like some of us are!

you can be 60 or 70 & still feel like your 17+(as my dad loves to laugh about!) the whole point is to get to any age & just be a fun person on the inside…it will shone on others & make them happy & smile…if that isnt being called young forever…then i am old too! ♥

Answer #11

I buy groceries and help pay bills. It’s not the same as being completely grown up but it’s something. I recently lost my job though because of my mother v.v

Answer #12

I don’t know.. Honestly, I think that there are awful parts to all ages. Not just the teen years. Teen specific, though, I think it would have to be a mix between a few things..

  • Peer pressure.
  • Fitting in.
  • Struggles with people you care about, not knowing what to do.
  • Dating and breakups..

We often figure how to deal with these things long after they’re over, after teen years. It’s insane how much grief they cause the whole time through, though.

Answer #13

That it doesn’t last 4ever, enjoy it! Also pimmples :D

Answer #14

Going threw high school :/ That’s where most of the bs comes from

Answer #15

wow, I solute you sweetie…I dont know many 15 year olds that help pay for bills or groceries…so pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Be proud of yourself & know that you have us to lean on! If you ever need anything feel free to funmail me…even if ya just need to vent…we all have have our good & bad days…if we all try to help one another & try to support one another…just imagine how much sweeter the world would look rather then constantly having wars going on and innocent people k!lled! have a great evening! ♥

Answer #16

:] aww

Answer #17

hugs ♥

Answer #18

im findin itmto be my parents..we go bak and forth like cat and dog..alot say its jus a faze

Answer #19

The feeling that no one understands you sometimes. And also feelings of being insecure and self conscious sometimes is one too

Answer #20

Dealing with other teenagers. Especially having a boyfriend/girlfriend and dealing with OTHER GIRLS/GUYS! They are the worst, trust me!

Answer #21

Relationshipss are fragile in teens. Especailly dating. And girls are mean :(

Answer #22


Answer #23

I’d say the worse part is struggling with your identity. The want to fit in. Trying to deal with peer pressure, divorce, etc.

Answer #24

you have to obey your parents silly rules! going to school getting gounded homework[boring] can’t do want you want to do have to do want your teacher’s tells you ask your parents for permission to go somewhere like all the time! people treating you like a kid all the time[soo unfair] can’t stay out late at night i can’t wait till get older and enjoy loads of freedom!

Answer #25

not knowing who your supposed to be and who you will be

Answer #26

all the stress, and drama

Answer #27

having no contriol over your life and being forced to live it with people yuhh cant stand……but thats just me:)

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