What's the worst Christmas present you've gotten?

what is the worst worst christmas present you have ever gotten just so I dont get anyone one of them unless they ask for it for some weird reason

Answer #1

same thing happened as bimjob. the first time I unwrapped the gifts when no one was home I was like ready to burst with excitement but then when it was Christmas morning I wasnt so excited. I acted like it though. I totally regretted it.

Answer #2

I got a student ectunational cd type thing to do better in math.on top it said” keep the good work goinnng” on a sticky note.But you see im a strate a student but I did get a91 in speeling an I think I no why lol Look at the poem I wrote

Answer #3

I once got a cheap microscope which didn’t show you anything at all, no matter how many times you magnified it or turned up the light. Quite pathetic, really. If you want a microscope, I would advise getting a proper one, not a five quid one.

Answer #4

A got a bible from my grandma and a note saying that I’ve sinned to much and should read the bible. My mother thought it was soo funny but I was really insulted

Answer #5

The worst Christmas present I have ever recieved was one of those cheap bath sets from Wal-Mart that always smell weird! I guess it is the thought that counts though!!!

Answer #6

Worst christmas present would have to be a “recycled” gift that you had given that person already, from last christmas or a birthday!! never happened to me.. but still.. wouldn’t that suck?!

Answer #7

Chaseman: Pink Fluffy Bunnies! No need for that response.

The elderly couple who live over the fence from my parents have gotten me some stellar-awful gifts in the past. Last time I got these soup bowls that sit in baskets- very tacky! OF course I thanked them graciously, because it really is the thought that counts- but sometimes I think a card would be just fine!

Answer #8

when I was 18 my mom gave me a barbie for christmas. I was mortified. all my friends were discussing the wonderful things their parents had gotten them, stereos, cars, various electronics etc and I slunk away with my head down. they always say its the thought that counts, but I stopped playing with barbies when I was 13. what hurt the most was finding out my mother knew nothing about me. all I had asked for was a dumb watch from biway or kmart. one of those cheap 5$ ones. so its not like I asked for something huge.

Answer #9

The worst Xmas present was everything that was under the tree when I was 10. I had taken every one and secretly unwrapped then rewrapped it. Then on Xmas morning I had to pretend suprise while officially unwrapping them. That Xmas was totally empty of excitement and full of lying. Wow. Did that ever cure me of trying to find out ahead of time.

Answer #10

I got an address book one Christmas. It’s not the most exciting Christmas present. :/

Answer #11

hmmm I once got this really stupid stuffed animal that stinked eeewww Lol

Answer #12

My little brother gave me a broken slinky…it was from his closet and like 3 years old.

Answer #13

I’ve gotten some pretty tacky clothes

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