What's the worse sports injury you've ever had?

Answer #1

I broke my wrist…That hurt but I was OK….:)

Answer #2

ouch how’d you manage that?

Answer #3

umm actualy ive never had any. well that might be because of the fact i rarely play sports :)

Answer #4

I was in gymnastics when I was little, I was trying to do a cartwheel of the balance beam, I guess you could call it sports…can you?

Answer #5

lol :P

Answer #6

Yea for sure that’s sports

Answer #7

a guy i know got into a football injury so bad he lost his leg from knee down.. it was bad. he was in the hospital for months.

Answer #8

That’s terrible the worse injury I’ve dealt with in football was a severe head injury. Wait a min… you must mean American football sorry lol I’m English. But still wow that’s bad! Was it cos his leg was ripped?

Answer #9

Cheerleading . this girl threw me up and we were on the side was stupid i know but , anway she didnt catch me and i broke my arm and hurt my head BAD i had a really bad headach lol i was okay after about a week except my arm lol (:

Answer #10

yes american football lol and im not sur ehow much it cost because i didnt know him personally but it was terrible. idk exactly what happened to his leg but he was just walkin around with a prosthetic.. poor guy

Answer #11

I broke my leg in basketball, my knee cap moved way out of place and I had to have surgery. It hurt so much:/

Answer #12

I’m not on expert on cheerleading but never knew it could be so dangerous! Wow it’s like ballet, I bet you lasses must need tonnes of strength and ability. :O

Answer #13

Like a fracture ooh those are interesting. You ever seen an open fracture?

Answer #14

I pulled the calladeral ligament out in my knee twice, cudnt play any sports for a year after each of them happened

Answer #15

i sure hope i never see one oo

Answer #16

Someone hit me in basketball match when I was in high school then I broke my leg.I felt like my bones shifted and it quite hurt me.I couldn’t walk freely and couldn’t even step my feet on the ground cause it hurt.but I didn’t quit the team though (: a month afterwards I went back playing (:

Answer #17

lol they’re the most interesting to treat!

Answer #18

Good on ya! Sometimes I wonder if I should break my leg so I know how it feels but then I get myself to snap out of my madness!

Answer #19

Good on ya! Sometimes I wonder if I should break my leg so I know how it feels but then I get myself to snap out of my madness!

Answer #20

New Question: how’d I delete a comment?

Answer #21

I broke my wrist when I got hit by a pitch and I fractured my foot when I decided it was a good idea to try a stop a hard hit ball with my foot(it still hurts a little when I pitch:/)

Answer #22

ah , yeah that sounds like it hurt |=

Answer #23

lol ive wondered about that :l

Answer #24

that poor guy ):

Answer #25

i tore both my ankles skateboarding a few years ago

Answer #26

Yeah that’s right!plus I had friends who supported me during my bad times so it motivated me to get out of that silly pain in my leg. Lol yeah I’ve been wondering about that too anyway lolsss.Maybe you can ask the admins here for that question (;

Answer #27

I was a figure skater and I was doing jumps when I crashed into another girl and we both went sliding across the ice- as if that wasn’t bad enough, somebody else came crashing into us a few seconds later and with their skate they cut my head and arm, and my friend’s arm too. It was really deep and we bled all over the ice lol they had to drain the ice. That was probably the most dramatic injury, but I have broken 9 bones too doing ‘sports’ but those breaks are pretty boring. Oh except the time I fell off a stationary lawn mower and broke my arm… that was funny.

Answer #28

my boyfriend broke his collar bone while he was BMXing on his bike.. I consider BMXing a sport.

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