worming-defleaing pup (uk)

my pup is 13 weeks old! when do I start de fleaing her and worming her? and how oftern?

Answer #1

She needed dewormed when she was 2 weeks old and dewormed every 2 weeks from then. Trust me, I know this, my parents are dog breeders.

Answer #2

when I got my ten week old border collie, we went to the vets straight away for a health check, we got the worming tablets but didn’t give her them for a while,because we assumed she couldn’t get them, because we couldn’t walk her yet. next thing we knew, she had round worm, which are in soil, and she loooves soil. you need to worm her every two or three months, but I would take care of that straight away. we haven’t fleaded her, if thats the right word, because the vet said don’t flea her, until you walk her, because I think they catch it from other dogs, and she wouldn’t be with any dogs. you also have to flea her every two to three months.

hope I helped :D xx have fun with your puppy x

Answer #3

She should have been wormed before she left the breeder…and had her stools rechecked when she was getting her puppy shots. Take a stool sample into the Vets and have it checked for eggs. She might not even need worming. Don’t worm her unless she needs it.

She can have frontline, now. My breeder sent Frontline with my puppy when he was 9 weeks old…just make sure you get the right one for her weight…


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