Working mum

My mum works nightshift takin care of elderly people in a home she is a great mum but is always workin on the weekend and we don’t get to spend a lot of time withher how can I find more time to spend with her?

Answer #1

I would ask your mum if there is a day that she has off and if so make a full day of it … spend al day with her (if shes not to tired)

Answer #2

Have you tried talking to her about her shifts? Maybe she can switch and work nights every other week and days every other week so she get’s more time to spend with you. If she can’t do that - why not wait for her to get home one night/morning and have her a nice little meal cooked and ready to eat. I’m sure she would appreciate it. You can turn this into a ritual and do it once a week and you can spend time with her and give the two of you time to talk.

Answer #3

I agree with mandyloo - and let me add, it’s so great to hear about a family where there’s love and caring, and not just arguments and friction. I’m very glad to hear that you appreciate your mum and want to spend more time with her - believe me, I’m sure she appreciates you too!

Answer #4

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