Would you be able to work properly at your job if you didn’t get along with anyone at your workplace?

Answer #1

Probobly not because it would be a tad akward. But then again I want to say meaby yes because I don’t talk to people very much anyway so like it would not be a real problem with me. But Some people do tend to annoy you so, again, no because I don’t want to get fired because I got into it with someone and end up with that on my record.

Answer #2

if you don’t get along with anyone at your workplace i would quit.

Answer #3

Personally - no….I have left jobs for that very reason. I’m not one to stay where I’m not happy. All I can say is that I’m fortunate enough to be in a position in my life, where I didn’t have to depend on my job for survival and had the freedom to leave at my choosing - I know not everyone can do that. However, seeing as I love everyone I work with now, I think I’ll stay :)

Answer #4

sometimes, in general, i snap back at people with quick retorts, nothing disrespectful… but other times, i just ignore the person and continue to do my business. i’d probs do the same thing at the work place. it’s hard, but i imagine myself, in the end, never giving in to them. no matter what, i would try my best to just take the upper road and be nice right back at them. although, if i became miserable (as a result of not getting along w/ the people)… i would definitely look into other jobs. it’s important to enjoy your work and people that you work with. but there will always be that one person (or three or four people…aha) that you cannot stand… and that’s life, i guess.

Answer #5

It would depend on the job. Some jobs you are busy enough and you get to work alone enough its fairly easy to ignore others and just do your own thing. Other jobs you have to work side by side with others and constantly talk to them. I couldn’t do a job like that if I didn’t get along with those I worked with.

Answer #6

I’ve done it before. At the place I work at right now, though? No. I work private for a family taking care of their children because jobs are very slim here. If I didn’t get along with their kids – younger or older – I don’t think that would be the place for me to be.

Answer #7

no bcuz u cnt work wit every1 talkin abt u and making fun of u the whole time! u just cnt concentrate!

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