Where do you get a work permit from?

Where do you get a work permit from?im homescholed so I cant get one from school.

Answer #1

sorry I have know idea I always thought unless you were outta high school you had to have a work permit to get a job

Answer #2

I thought you cud get one from online. your username says your from GA https://www.dol.state.ga.us/WS4-MW5/cics.jsp?TRANSID=WP17&FRMNAME=WP17 supposedly thats the one from GA. hoped I helped♥

Answer #3

its ok. not youre falt.I probley would have done the same thing..well do you know any thing about a work permit?

Answer #4

lol I just noticed it and erased it gah im so stupid lol

Answer #5

I said a WORK permit.But thanks anaway.I know that you were just trying to help.

Answer #6

good question lol… I accidentally put up stuff on a drivers permit

Answer #7

Thanks yall!Yes I do live in G.A.

Answer #8

your school but you are homeschooled so dont really know…

could you ask your old school?

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