What does the word Brazil mean?

I need to know for my computer awareness project that I’ve been working on for the pass month now. So in order to complete the history part I just need to know what the word Brazil means and then I can work on the rest of the project that needs to be finished by Friday.

Answer #1

It’s a country…the word itself means the name of that country. In Portuguese it is “Brasil” so..I’m not sure what exactly you are trying to get. [link removed]

Answer #2

Brazil is named after a tree (pau-brasil) from which Portuguese, during the colonization period, extracted red colored liquid to paint fabric.

More specifically the name Brazil comes from “brasa” that means ember, “brasil” being the collective noun, meaning an amount of embers.

First, when the Portuguese got there they called the land as “Ilha de Vera Cruz” (Vera Cruz Island), when they realise that was not an island they changed it’s name to “Terra de Santa Cruz” (Land of Santa Cruz)

And just later, when they started to extract this wood from a tree named “Pau-Brasil” to avoid loosing the territory (specially for France, that was interested in it) by occupying it. Because of the extraction of this tree, they changed the name to “Brasil” (Brazil)

Answer #3

It is a republic in south America and I have heard that the actual word means, live wood, or is deprived from that word.

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