Does anyone else get excited about their birthday?

god damn!! duz any body else get excited about there birthday!? lol im 19 2morow!! an im excited lol haha im going shopping 2morow, I’ve had my nails done and my tan!! an im getin my hair done 2morow and then im going out 4 a meal with my fiance then im partying all day an nite friday! woo!!! happy 2 meee happy 2 meee happy 2 meee happy 2me! (thats 4 2mra lol)

Answer #1

I get excited for my birthday. I love doing all sorts of crazy fun stuff with my friends. :)

Answer #2

the 18th is to celebrate maturity the 18th is to celebrate freedom of drink XD

Answer #3

Depends what birthday it is, 19th birthday… of course.

Answer #4

I havent had a party since I turned 10… after that I havent done anything until my 17th… my 18th was very very boring…and 19th just came out of hand because I had drunk a tiny bit too much and I poured my heart out like I was a little girl O_O;; my 20th will be different…im going to get a car in a month or two and maybe we’ll go party somewhere nice

Answer #5

now thats a lot of excitement lol is thinking last time I got so excited was when I turned 19…but it wasnt the fact it was my birthday it was the fact I had an excuse to get REEEAAALLLYYY drunk…

huge mistake >_<

3 triples of vodka downed in 1 min and 3 liter of wine and some cough special stuff was too much for my brain (I had just broken up from someone special)

so no more drinking for me when im down :D yeah right :P

Answer #6

I celebrated my 18th birthday in a sprinkler on my front yard… you know your cool when.Haha I had a huge party when I turned 16-years-old with a DJ and everything, was fun.

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