How fat is too fat for a bikini

How fat is too fat for a bikini

Answer #1

when you say your “180” do you mean in pounds(lb)?

Answer #2

But im like 150…ew

Answer #3

If you like your body, go with the flow, where a bikini! If you really are that worried though, if you have a huge lump hanging over the side of the bottom peice…I think you know the answer.

Answer #5

well how tall are u??

Answer #6

My wife has always prefered to wear bikinis because she likes to get tan on her middle. However, she’s gained a lot of weight since we’ve been together. She weighs over 250 pounds but still wear a bikinin to the beach. I’m sure some people must think its gross to see her fatness and big belly, but she’s happy and fine with it - that’s the important thing.

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